Power-Skating / Puck Control – U11, U12, U13 (Registration CLOSED)

AUGUST 4 – AUGUST 8 (Registration CLOSED)

Thank you for your interest in our Advantage Hockey Skill Camps.

Registration For This Camp Is Now CLOSED!

Unfortunately we are limited on the number of signups per camp, and the registration for this particular camp is now closed!

Please Note: We will be having other camps throughout the year, so bookmark our website’s homepage and/or be sure to send us a contact request as we will be updating everyone on upc

Skater Development Camp

The focus of this camp is further develop the skating abilities and individual skills of hockey players that have been playing at the u11, u12, and u13 level. Each day will consist of a full 50 minutes of on ice skating. Advantage Hockey believes that skating that is foundation to the development of a complete hockey player. Also individual skills will be worked on as well.

The on Ice Focus of the Camps Is:
  • Edgework
  • Forward and Backward skating
  • Power turns
  • Agility and Balance
  • Proper angling and body contact
  • Stops and starts
  • Puck protection
  • Skating with a puck in game situations
  • Correct passing techniques
    (stationary and movement)
  • Correct shooting techniques
    (stationary and movement)
  • Repetition and correction to maximize development